Hello island lovers! We are Jules, Liz, Anett and Mohamed. 4 friends who have found home in langkawi.

    WE WANT TO ELEVATE Langkawi in every sense possible.
    WE BELIEVE IN CONNECTING people by building a community that will  progressively grow beyond our island.
    WE KNOW that Langkawi is super cool! And we want the world to know this.


    THE POWER OF COMMUNITY: Everyone can be involved, so let’s collaborate!
    TRANSPARENCY: We pledge to deliver honest and unbiased content.
    LOCAL CULTURE: Our support goes beyond 100% for new initiatives and old traditions.


    WE WANT TO CREATE a platform that consolidates relevant info for visitors and residents.
    WE WANT YOU TO DIG DEEPER into the culture to show that Langkawi is more than just a tourist destination. 
    WE WANT TO TELL the stories of the people who make up Langkawi, and highlight the vibrant community.

    Langkawi Mai Mai is made for islanders, travelers & creative people!