Late Night Places To Eat In Langkawi

· Oh no! It's 12am and you're hungry in Langkawi! ·

Where to eat in Langkawi? That is ALWAYS the question when you live here. We have made it our mission to make sure that no one goes hungry for lack of places to eat on the island.

Perhaps it sneaks up after a bar hopping night out on Chenang and Tengah. Maybe you took a leisurely nap at 8pm (as one does when one has really embraced the island vibe), missed dinner and are now hungry at 11pm. Or maybe you’re just feeling peckish even though you whacked a proper seafood dinner earlier. What can we say, it’s the salt in the air.

So where are the late night places to eat in Langkawi? Should we all just resign ourselves to McDonalds and KFC for a post midnight meal? Yes, deep fried chicken oozing with fat does hit a spot after all that alcohol but consider this – a plate of hot steaming rice, a side of veggies and freshly made tenggiri masak lemak (fish in spicy coconut broth) at 2 a.m. If this imagery resonates strongly within the foodie in you, check out our list of late night eats in Langkawi on the south west side of the island.

Tomato Nasi Kandar

You probably know this one already: the 24 hour eatery that serves a variety of food from roti canai to fish and chips. This ‘mamak’ also features a buffet where you pay for the dishes you pick to go with your rice. Food is cheap and cheerful and service is speedy. We recommend trying out their roti or naan stuffed with cream cheese. Order yours with garlic for good measure.

Pro tip: check in at 5am and you are likely to catch their first batch of piping hot, freshly fried chicken for your crispy fix.

Where? Tomato Nasi Kandar

DK Char Koey Teow

At the time of writing, this place is a new kid on the block. And we mean that almost literally as it seems to be run by a group of boys. This place stands out for us because unlike the “wet” char koey teow usually found on the island, they serve theirs with a dry, sans gravy option. Char koey teow is essentially flat noodles fried up in a wok with bean sprouts, cockles, egg and prawns (some variations have crab meat added – absolute heaven). These kids not only get in our good books for dishing up a mean plate of this classic Malaysian fare, they also get bonus points for opening till 2 a.m.

Here’s our weak attempt to show you how yummy the char koey teow is. Trust us, it’s wayyyy better than we made it look:

Where? DK Char Koey Teow

We try, we try…

Kedai Corner/Kedai Simpang

The truth is, this local joint does not have an official name. Or if it does, we have never found out what it is. ‘Kedai’ in Bahasa Malaysia translates to shop, and ‘simpang’ is corner. What we do know is that this is an excellent place to for deep fried calamari (yes, we do enjoy things deep fried) and steamed fish in a lemon, chilli and garlic broth. We also recommend trying their fish cooked in another equally delicious way; you guessed it – deep fried. Kedai closes at 12am usually but in the high season it can extend up to 1am.

Where? Kedai Corner/Kedai Simpang

Ok Boss Asam Pedas

Ok Boss is a long standing establishment that used to be located off the main Chenang street but has now moved to Jalan Bohor Tempoyak. It also probably tops a lot of locals’ list for late night places to eat in Langkawi. This family run place is most famous for their asam pedas fish, which is a slightly tangy dish with a spicy kick. The other popular option is in masak lemak style, a type of coconut and turmeric curry. If you’re not a fan of fish, you can substitute with chicken. Complement your meal with veggies and an omelette and you’re good till breakfast. Ok Boss closes as late as 4am.

Where? Ok Boss Asam Pedas

Food Trucks off Jalan Pantai Chenang

This newly gazetted spot for food trucks has really been a hit with both locals and tourists since they started operations earlier this year. Burgers, coconut shake, Malays style rice, char koey teow, bbq meats; you name it. The drawback about this place is that not all trucks consistently open every night so if you have a favourite, it’s kinda like Russian roulette the next time you visit again. Our recommendation is to try the durian cendol dessert if the truck is there. The last of the food trucks usually stays open up till past midnight.

Pro tip: This food truck spot should be on your list of places to try local food, not just as a late night place to eat in Langkawi. They start operations at 6pm.

Where? Food Trucks off Jalan Pantai Chenang

Grill & Chill

Pantai Tengah has been seeing a bit of revival lately with new eateries and hotels sprouting up, and Grill & Chill is one of them. It’s actually a little cluster of bars and cafe/restaurants that we were told were partially run by the same owner. We gave the shwarmas a shot – not bad – but really, the highlight of the place is its bright and welcoming atmosphere. A big bonus is the different talents performing live music here on most nights. There’s also a big screen that might show live sports games, but at the time of writing we couldn’t confirm this. You can get your snacks here up to midnight.

Pro tip: This is the only place that serves alcohol along with food in this list.

Where? Grill & Chill

This is by no means an exhaustive list of late night places to eat in Langkawi. We are pretty sure you might discover your own or already have a favourite place for late night eats. Sharing is caring, so feel free to hit up our comments!

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