Zipping on Umgawa Langkawi Eco Zipline

Eco Zipline: Experiencing Langkawi From Different Heights

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If you're one who has an affinity with being in the jungle and you also love heights, then we have the perfect adventure for you: an eco zipline in Langkawi that lets you soar through the treetops.

When it comes to exploring the outdoors of our island responsibly, there is a good selection of eco activities you can choose from. Fancy gently cruising through our mangrove estuaries whilst learning about its diversity and usefulness? Try mangrove kayaking. Or maybe you prefer discovering the small island roads that bring you back in time? Then a bicycle tour could be for you.But if you’re curious whether a zipline adventure which involves a ton of cables and structures CAN gel with your eco principals, read on to find out.

Langkawi Eco Zipline

Umgawa Zipline Adventures is situated on the northern part of the island in the same spot which is home to our famed Telaga Tujuh (also known as Seven Wells) waterfalls. The full course takes you through 12 ziplines, 3 sky bridges and a vertical line that takes you from the top of a tree back down to the ground. Umgawa boasts having the longest and highest zipline in Langkawi (fun fact: there are actually four ziplines on the island) with one spanning a whopping 200m plus long.

Safety first

Before starting off on the adventure, we first geared up and were given a safety briefing by the rangers. Something good to know is that you will never be accompanied by anything less than 2 rangers when you’re way up there. On our trip, we had Nina and Fauze assigned to us. There was also a third ranger, Sham, who tagged along which turned out to be such a treat because he was such an overflowing pot of green knowledge.

Nina and Fauze were very firm in stressing to us NOT to meddle with our carabiners (the metal locks that secure our life lines to the main cable); they will be the ones to hook and unhook us when necessary, and we always stayed hooked to a cable at any given time.

Sit Back And UMGAWA!

We kicked off the adventure with a real nice touch: a jeep ride to save us the million step walk up to first base (just kidding, it’s probably just a 1000). From there, there is a short hike to the first platform which does involve steps but don’t worry, anyone can achieve this. Once you’ve done the hike, the hardest part is over! It’s time to sit back and enjoy the adventure.

The most breathtaking part of this Langkawi eco zipline is the Colugo Zipline which takes you across the river with a view of Seven Wells waterfalls on your left and the Andaman sea on your right. We’re not going to spoil it for you by posting pictures or videos of the spectacular view, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Eco Conscious Adventure

Our favourite thing about Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventures is really how the company weaves being eco friendly into their DNA. One remarkable feature is the way all the eco zipline infrastructure is built to meld seamlessly into the environment.

But you don’t even have to be up on the platforms to notice this. Even their visitors centre is tastefully designed to blend in with the greenery.

If you find yourself thirsty in the middle of your Langkawi eco zipline adventure, Umgawa rangers have water bottles and tin cups ready to refresh you. The tin cups are also available at the water dispensers at the visitors centre. No plastic is a definite win for us!

We spoke briefly with Khairol from the marketing team and he tells us that there are plans by Umgawa to improve the general infrastructure around Seven Wells. Things like repairing the existing shops, upgrading the toilets and maintaining the trails are part of the blueprint that founder Charles Farrell has presented to LADA (Land And Development Authority). In addition to this, Umgawa also has at least two members of their team participate in Trash Hero’s weekly cleanups.

While we still get giddy retelling our amazing zipline experience, we are really looking forward to Umgawa’s commitment to give back to the island. It is important for tourism companies to incorporate green practices when running their operations and it looks like Umgawa is on the right track. For now, we give the green light for those of you who want to get your endorphins pumping on a truly immersive Langkawi eco zipline adventure experience!

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